Access to Information, Privacy Protection and Freedom of Speech (31/01/2014)


In eEnviPer's fifth White Paper, Ivan Vučetić of Evrogeomatika explains how the governments can manage ethical and legal issues arising from the use of cloud computing software like eEnviPer. 

Executive Summary

eEnviPer is an integrated web-based platform for the application, administration and consultation of environmental permits. Its aim is to make the environmental permitting process more transparent, more accessible and more efficient. The platform will be available commercially in early 2014, after intensive pilot tests in five European countries which have taken place as part of an EU-funded project.

eEnviPer uses a layered service-oriented and cloud-based architecture to take advantage of existing data sources and complementary environment-related permit systems. Cloud-based e-government services raise concerns among many users and public authorities about the legal and ethical implications of the use of such services. eEnviPer, being a cloud-based e-government service that handles environmental permitting procedures, must face and address issues related to both environmental protection and e-government.

eEnviPer has analysed the relevant legal texts and recommendations to ensure that they are all addressed in every phase of eEnviPer's support to e-government permitting procedures.

This paper presents the implications of access to information, privacy protection (including data security) and freedom of speech for eEnviPer, and demonstrates how the platform complies with applicable European and national legal acts that regulate ethical and legal issues regarding both e-government and environmental protection.