E-Government reduces cost of environmental permits (25/02/2014)


A preliminary review of the impacts of the European project eEnviPer shows that the use of an e-government platform can reduce the time required for a single environmental permit by more than 50% from application to approval. Since 2012, eEnviPer has pilot-tested a cloud-based platform for application, administration and consultation of environmental permits in Croatia, Greece, Italy, Serbia and Turkey. 

Authorities and applicants can cut down their expenses for paper and transportation by two thirds, says Diomede Illuzzi, lead for the Italian pilot in Apulia region. In addition, authorities need about 30% less staff time to process a single permits application.  

About 4.000 users have participated in the pilot test so far, contributing to a good dozen of environmental permits applications, including for:

  • A large refinery in Taranto, Italy;
  • The Cretan subsidiary of an Athens-based food company;
  • An agricultural facility in Indjija, Serbia;
  • A gas pipeline in Krapina-Zagorje county, Croatia; and
  • The largest dairy processing facility in Nigde province, Turkey.

The eEnviPer platform offers workflow management, a geographic information system, knowledge management and citizen participation. It is easily customizeable for specific legal requirements and existing software configurations of permitting authorities across Europe.  

"The EU-supported pilot test has clearly demonstrated that eEnviPer meets a real need for public authorities managing complex permits processes. This means that we are now ready to open up to accept additional public authorities into the family of eEnviPer users, be it from the five pilot countries or beyond.", Machi Simeonidou, lead for the eEnviPer distributor DRAXIS Environmental. 

eEnviper is an EU-funded project to implement an e-government platform to manage environmental permits. Since 2012, pilots in five municipalities and regions across Europe have demonstrated how cloud computing can make this process more transparent, more accessible and more efficient. Through the use of modern web technology, eEnviPer helps to reduce the environmental impact of economic activities through the environmental permits process in a cost-effective manner.