Environmental Permits

The legal framework of the EU require Member States to ensure the protection of the environment from the early planning stages of projects and activities, taking into account all the necessary measures for environmental protection and the mitigation of any negative impacts. For this purpose, environmental permits are required in a variety of situations, including regulating industrial emissions, waste management or pollution prevention and control. 


eEnviPer is an integrated web-based platform for the application, administration and consultation of environmental permits. In 2012-2014, eEnviPer set-up and tested its existing multi-purpose cloud platform in five pilot communities, supported by the European Commission's ICT Policy Support Programme. In making the environmental permits process more transparent, accessible and efficient, eEnviPer will help to reduce the environmental impact of economic activities through the environmental permits process in a cost-effective manner.


eEnviPer is distributed by a well-balanced network of public and private partners from across Europe; together, the partners possess extensive knowledge of the e-government needs and possibilities in South-Eastern Europe and beyond.

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eEnviPer is linked with various research projects, either European or international. Some very interesting and promising collaborations have emerged.

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