The platform integrates existing systems that provide digital services for environmental permits procedures, including: 

  1. Geographic Information System. All permits are location-based and their evaluation requires data on the use of the surrounding environment, natural resources and protected areas and potential hazards.
  2. Knowledge Management System. To prepare the environmental impact assessment and to evaluate the application, environmental experts and authorities need to have easy access to relevant laws, academic studies and similar permits processes.
  3. Workflow Management System. These systems help the authority to move the application along the required steps in a smooth and fluid manner.
  4. Participation System. Finally, citizens will be able to review current applications online, access information in a secure environment and provide relevant comments.

Each client installation manages multiple grouped services related with the life cycle of environmental permits. This allows eEnviPer to integrate relevant processes and services for public authorities and agencies. In addition, basic operational services will be offered to citizens as e-services, e.g. for consultations and data access.

Design Principles

The eEnviPer platform is developed using the following design principles:

  • Service-oriented architecture. eEnviPer is structured in five layers that clearly separate data from functionality and display.
  • Software as a Service. Initially, eEnviPer will be hosted at the DOTsoft data centre. Future installations can be hosted in local government data centres or by external providers.
  • Interoperability. eEnviPer uses XML as standards-compliant markup language for its data inputs and outputs and interchanges information internally using XML web services (XML-RPC and SOAP).
  • Security. eEnviPer uses identity management standards such as SAML 2 and WS-Federation to assert the identity of a user and control access. The platform ensures confidentiality and integrity of the information managed.