Province of Niğde, Turkey

Context and Objectives

The eEnviPer pilot in Turkey was implemented by the Province of Niğde in Central Anatolia. The province is home to 330,000 citizens and covers an area of 14,294 km².

The objective of this pilot was to demonstrate the integration of different environmental impacts assessment (EIA) processes for the benefit of both public authorities and enterprises. The pilot regions faces barriers in EIA applications due to its high levels of industrial activity both in its two industrials zones and its large agriculture areas, both of which result in a high demand for efficient and proper environmental planning.

It is widely acknowledged that the rapid development of e-Government in Turkey owes a lot to the EU impetus. With respect to online public services delivery, Turkey currently does not rank far behind the European average both in terms of sophistication and full on-line availability. Regarding services towards businesses, Turkey has even surpassed the EU+ average. However, for services towards citizens, Turkey still lags behind the EU averages, which are already quite low compared to services for businesses. Furthermore, income generating services score highest in general since the Turkish government pays close attention to developing such services. By combining services for both businesses and citizens and by introducing value-added income-generating services, the Turkish pilot reinforces the strengths of the Turkish e-Government. It is thus able to contribute to a growth in the trust of citizens in public online services, bridge the gap between the commercial and public online worlds, and promote services that efficiently fulfill the needs of citizens with respect to participation in the decision making process.

Activities and Implementation

Niğde has been selected to implement this pilot case due to its ability to mainstream the pilot results into the regional policy on ICT. The pilot case covered the entire life cycle of the Environmental Impact Assessment process, involving all stakeholders according to the legal framework and administrative practices applied according to Turkey regulations. Applications such as e-GPA and SoaGIS aggregate their services so as to provide integrated support to environmental engineers, public administration users and citizens, during the EIA process in application processes.

Results and Impact

The Municipality of Niğde, Niğde Province Directorate of Environment and Urbanization (NCEDTR) and SAMPAS have launched the eEnviPer pilot site and conducted a set of communication and public engagement actions in order to test the eEnviPer services and highlight its benefits for the main stakeholders. In particularly, presenting eEnviPer in the World Intelligent Cities Summit and also in several information days targeting university students and the civil society brought related stakeholders together. As a result of these presentations, 5000+ people from both public administrations, private sector and civil society have been informed about eEnviPer during the period of time between June 2013 and January 2014. Also, NCEDTR have conducted a survey to observe the opinions of people about usability and future impacts of eEnviPer. In the light of the results of this survey 87% of the participants find the platform beneficial and practicable. In addition to this, averages of 80% of the participants think that eEnviPer will reduce the equipment expenses and operational costs and enhance the productivity.

There have been a number of success stories of eEnviPer during this period. Three of the biggest enterprises established in Niğde (Bakkalbaşıoğlu Süt Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., Çimsa and Niğde Cement Factory) were registered to the platform to evaluate its efficiencies in business processes. eEnviPer’s innovative structure has helped their engineers and executives to finalized processes 10-12 times faster than before and its integrated tools have given them to chance to do much more quality works.

In conclusion, it can be easily said that eEnviPer with its customized workflow and innovative features helped us to better evaluate the EIA applications in a short period of time and reduced the man/month efforts and costs for our processes. After the proliferation of the usage of the platform, its undeniable positive impact on the workflow process will be able to help the business to grow faster than before.  


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