The Platform

eEnviPer provides an integrated web-based platform for the application, administration and consultation of environmental permits, making the environmental permitting process more transparent, more accessible and more efficient. Ultimately, eEnviPer helps to reduce the environmental impact of economic activities through the environmental permits process in a cost-effective manner. 


The platform integrates existing systems that provide digital services for environmental permits procedures, including:

  1. Geographic Information System. 
  2. Knowledge Management System. 
  3. Workflow Management System.
  4. Participation System.


Technical Requirements

The eEnviPer platform is offered as a cloud solution, i.e., delivered over the internet and accessible through a secure connection with a web browser. This approach means that public authorities do not need to purchase additional computer hardware, software licenses or implementation services. This dramatically reduces the cost, and allows for rapid deployment.

Use Cases

Users deploy and use the proposed platform in order to support environmental permitting procedures among citizens, enterprises, professionals and permitting authorities by integrating existing platforms and services or extending new services in a user-friendly way.

Customisation and Integration

eEnviper offers a fully customisable platform both for the user and the administrator. eEnviPer can be integrated with existing systems that support environment-related permit procedures or GIS layers and provide digital services for permitting authorities at different levels, enterprises, consulting services and civil society.