eEnviPer published widely on the subject of environmental permits and e-government, including:

eEnviPer Publications

eEnviPer White Papers describe the technical aspects of the eEnviPer platform.

  • White Paper, September 2012
    The Case for E-Government Tools for Environmental Permits (pdf, 350kB)
  • White Paper, January 2013
    Introducing the eEnviPer Architecture (pdf, 590kB)
  • White Paper, May 2013
    Integrating Geographic Information Systems and Workflows (pdf, 670kB
  • White Paper, August 2013
    Cloud Computing and Government Services (pdf, 480kB
  • White Paper, January 2014
    Access to Information, Privacy Protection and Freedom of Speech (pdf, 430kB

eEnviPer Profiles showcase the work of the five pilot projects.

  • Profile, August 2012
    Environmental Permits and the eEnviPer Pilot Projects (pdf, 400kB)
  • Profile, March 2013
    Interviewing Indjija: Learning through collaboration (pdf, 700kB)
  • Profile, July 2013
    eEnviPer in Krapina-Zagorje County (pdf, 500kB
  • Profile, September 2013
    eEnviPer in the Region of Crete (pdf, 500kB
  • Profile, December 2013
    eEnviPer in the Niğde Province (pdf, 1 MB)
  • Profile, Februrary 2014
    eEnviPer in Apulia Region (pdf, 870kB

eEnviPer Newsletters report on the progress and results of the Project.

  • Newsletter, October 2012
    e-Government Solutions and Environmental Permits - an Unlikely Marriage? (2.3 MB)
  • Newsletter, May 2013
    Presenting eEnviPer: Environmental Permits in the Cloud (2.7 MB
  • Newsletter, November 2013
    eEnviPer: A proven platform for environmental permits (1.9 MB
  • Newsletter: March 2014
    From Pilot Test to Software Solution (3.9 MB
Other publications
  • Survey, January 2013
    European Survey on e-Government and Environmental Permits (340 kB)
  • Workshop, April 2013
    Presentations and agenda (link

eEnviPer Dissemination Material

eEnviPer Dissemination Material introduces the work of the initiative.

Public eEnviPer Deliverables

Deliverable  Date Download
D2.2 - Project Website June 2012 n/a
D2.3 - Project Dissemination Material June 2012 see above
D2.5.1 - 1st eEnviPer Workshop April 2013 pdf, 2.1MB 
D2.5.2 - 2nd eEnviPer Workshop January 2014 pdf, 5.9MB
D3.1 - Technical and Operational Specifications October 2012  pdf, 9.8MB
D4.2 - eEnviPer Training Guide November 2012 pdf, 460kB
D4.4.2 - Second Intermediate Evaluation and Adaptation Report January 2014 pdf, 900kB
D5.2.1 - 1st Draft of the Business Plan June 2013 pdf, 2.1MB
D5.2.2 - Final Business Plan March 2014 pdf, 3.6MB
D6.1 - Ethical and Legal Analysis Report November 2012  pdf, 520kB
D6.2 - Regulatory Impacts Report November 2012 pdf, 500kB
D6.3 - Privacy Impacts Report March 2014  pdf, 700kB