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Context and Objectives

The pilot in Apulia was implemented by the Regional Agency for Environmental Prevention and Protection (Arpa Puglia). The Apulia Region is situated in the south-east of Italy; it covers 19,345 km², and has a population of about 4.1 million.

The objective of this pilot was to demonstrate the proposed eEnviPer services benefits in a region where industrial pollution and renewable energy infrastructure dominate the environmental planning agenda, and citizens and enterprises face barriers in transactions and participation due to a lack of integrated and up-to-date information systems.

The Strategy of the Development of Electronic Government in Italy is led by the Egov 2012 plan, which defines objectives which have to be achievable, trackable and commensurate with the resources available. The plan fosters the commitment to the spread of network services for accessibility and transparency of public administration in order to bring it closer to the needs of citizens and businesses. The system that ARPA Puglia has in place as support to internal processes aims to facilitate electronic permitting processes for environmental initiatives, but there is a lack of participatory tools for public consultation. In addition, there is a need for an integrated workflow system able to provide digital services to enterprises and service providers (engineers) during the application processes.  It should possess a Geographical Information System (GIS) and decision support system that empowers public administration in issuing permits, organising monitoring activities and enforcing the regional, national and European environmental legislation.

Activities and Implementation

The pilot case covered ARPA's area of competence within the environmental permitting process, involving all the related stakeholders according to the legal framework and administrative practices applied in Apulia region. Two different EIA applications (related to two large industrial settlement in the Region, respectively the ENEL thermoelectric power plant Federico II located in Brindisi and the ENI Taranto refinery) were used as pilot case scenarios.

Results and Impact

ARPA engineers, as well as the engineers working for the two enterprises, had the opportunity, in the context of this pilot, to fruitfully use the eEnviPer framework and the tools it makes available for the elaboration and evaluation of the application.

It is worth to report here some quotes of the environmental engineers who used the eEnviPer system for the environmental application assessment phase: “I think that eEnviPer is a great tool for managing environmental permits, potentially able to streamline the entire process of assessment and issuance of permits due to greater simplicity in both the participation and consultation and access to acts.”…..” eEnviPer is a good e-government application for the management and consultation of environmental permits, because it makes the process of environmental licensing more transparent, accessible and effective for all stakeholders (public authorities, investors and citizens). We hope that the platform is implemented as much as possible in European in order to make possible the sharing of knowledge and information about permissions on industrial sites throughout Europe”.

The system also attracted the interest of some citizens who accessed the platform and were enabled to post comments about the ongoing process.


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