Technical Requirements

Cloud Technology

The eEnviPer platform is offered as a cloud solution, i.e., delivered over the internet and accessible through a secure connection with a web browser.

In the pilot phase, the eEnviPer platform operated from a server provided by DRAXIS Environmental Technologies in Greece. This server provides the user interface and computation centrally. Ultimately, eEnviPer can be installed on any server fulfilling the system requirements. Where commercial hosts are not an option for security and confidentiality reasons, countries could decide to host a central eEnviPer server for all municipalities and/or a group of permitting authorities could decide to host an eEnviPer server together. 

The use of an internet-enabled platform such as eEnviPer can be a first step for municipalities and permitting authorities to make their permitting processes more transparent and user-friendly. Depending on the needs of the client, eEnviPer stores data centrally in the cloud, with state-of-the-art security and backup strategies. eEnviPer can also access locally available data sources like GIS information through industry-standard XML-based interfaces.

This approach means that public authorities do not need to purchase additional computer hardware, software licenses or implementation services. This dramatically reduces the cost, and allows for rapid deployment. In addition, the shared use of infrastructure increases the flexibility and scalability of the system and improves the quality of hardware, maintenance and disaster recovery strategies.

Based on Open Source Technology

eEnviPer is based on the software development framework DOTframework. It is already used in more than 20 small and medium enterprises and local governments in Greece. DOTframework builds on open source technology, including:

  • PHP as server-side programming language, supplemented with the smarty library for the creation of HTML templates.
  • JavaScript as client-side scripting language, supplemented with the jQuery and Ext JS libraries to create interactive web applications.
  • MySQL as powerful relational database system, other databases are supported too.

Installation Requirements

The DOTFRAMEWORK platform (on which eEnviPer is based) was written in PHP and can be hosted on any server supporting PHP 5.3 or higher. Apache is the recommended web server, but there have also been installations with Internet Information Server. DOTFRAMEWORK can work with MySQL (recommended) and postgres database systems.

GIS server products allow GIS functionality and spatial data to be deployed from a central environment. The eEnviPer platform will use ESRI’s ArcGIS Server for spatial data management. ArcGIS Server consists of several components that can be distributed across multiple machines. Each component in the ArcGIS Server system plays a specific role in the process of managing, activating, deactivating, and load balancing the resources that are allocated to a given server object or set of server objects.